2018 Kirkland National All-Stars Information

At the end of every Spring season, Little League International supports a pogram of post-season tournaments traditionally known as "All-Stars". It is an honor for players to be selected to an All-Star team and each year, KNLL is proud to support players and their families as they participate in these tournaments.

Because roster spots for All-Stars is limited, there is a lot of competition for these spots and a rigorous process for making these selections. The following resources should be helpful to parents and players in understanding what All-Stars is, whether it is right for their player, and how KNLL manages the selection process for players and coaches.

Local Rules- The selection process for All-Star players, managers, and coaches is written in our Local Rules which are driven by our Rules Committee, approved by our Board of Directors, submitted and approved by District 9, and then posted to our website before the start of each season.

Baseball FAQ- This page will hopefully answer the questions that a parent or player may have about Baseball All-Stars

Softball FAQ- Typically, softball registration is lower than that of baseball and as needed, KNLL will combine regular season and post season teams with our neighbor Kirkland American Little League. In order to combine successfully, both KNLL and KALL work together before the season on a joint process. As a result of size and combining with another league, there are differences between the softball and baseball All-Star selection processes.

Spring Registration Open