Baseball 2019 Evaluations

If your son is planning to play in AAA or Majors, we wanted to remind you that evaluations are Feburary 9th.  If interested, please review the below time-slot information as well as day-of details. Also, as a reminder, all players must be registered at, prior to evaluations. (If needed, we will have onsite registration available). If after reviewing the below, you still have questions, please email the VP of baseball, Josh Arnold @

Evaluation Details:

  • Date: February 9th, Saturday
  • Location: Northshore Sports Complex - 14220 NE 193rd Pl., Woodinville 98072
  • Timing: Evaluations run from 1-4PM, however, we have divided the time based on division and last name
    • Majors (last names beginning with the letter A through M) TBD
    • Majors (last names beginning with the letter N through Z) TBD
    • AAA (last names beginning with the letter A through M) TBD
    • AAA (last names beginning with the letter N through Z) TBD


* Please be sure to send your son wearing both a cup and baseball pants.

* In addition, please have them come with the gear they would like to tryout with - their own bats (if they have one), helmets, glove, batting gloves, etc. 

 Why does KNLL have baseball “evaluations”?

For Majors and AAA levels in baseball, KNLL strives to foster competition by creating balanced teams. The player evaluations are part of the process to create the balanced teams. The combined evaluation scores (from all the evaluators and all sessions) along with league age and experience are used to create relatively equal teams. Additional steps for distributing pitchers and catchers, siblings, managers children and other balancing work is done at the draft by the VP of Baseball, the managers and the Player Agent to create the balanced teams to the best of our ability.

 How do the evaluations affect what team my child is placed on?

Here are the main scenarios:

  • If the player is league age 12, the player will placed on a Majors team (unless there is a safety issue.) They still must attend at least one Majors evaluation.
  • Players with league ages 10 or 11 that attend at least one Majors evaluation will be placed on a Majors team (highest evaluation first on down) until all the available spots are filled.
  • The remaining players will be placed on a AAA team.
  • Attending a Majors evaluation is required to be considered for Majors but participating in a session does not guarantee a placement on a Majors team.
  • Players with league ages 9-11 that attend at least one AAA (or Majors) evaluation will be placed on a AAA team (highest evaluation first on down) until all the available spots are filled.

 How many slots/teams are available in Majors/AAA?

It depends on the number and age distribution of the registrations.

 Who should attend the evaluations?

All league age 9 -12 year old players that wish to be considered to play Majors (10-12) or AAA (9-11) must participate in at least one complete evaluation session. Because of the variability of children’s performances, we recommend the players participate in multiple sessions. Parents/siblings are welcome to watch the sessions.

Some things to be aware of:

  • The players will be under a great deal of self-imposed pressure to perform. Please don’t add to it.
  • Do not coach or interfere with evaluations in any way.
  • There will be balls flying in all directions. We'll keep the players safe, please keep your other children safe.


What if my child is unavailable/sick/injured and cannot attend any of the evaluations sessions?

Accommodations are made on a case by case basis.
Contact the Baseball Player Agent: Ryan Duckworth

 What to expect at the evaluations:

  • Players register/signup at the front and receive a number to wear.
  • Players are split into groups and sent to a station.
  • The evaluations are run in multiple stations (Pitching/Catching, Fly Balls/Grounders/Throwing and hitting)
  • Each station will have operators and evaluators.
  • After all the players in the group have complete that station, the group moves to another station.
  • After all the players have completed all the stations, the players will regroup, return their numbers and be released.

 What to wear and bring:

  • Tennis Shoes, baseball attire, baseball cap and cup.
  • Glove, bat*, batting helmet* (bats and helmets are provided if you do not have one)

 What happens after the evaluations?

The score sheets from the evaluators are gathered by the Player Agent and compiled for use at the Drafts.


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