Softball Tee Ball Program

Guided by Little League's Tee Ball Program, KNLL's Tee Ball program is designed for beginner girl players that are Little League Age 4, 5, and 6. The program has been proven in the field to provide the necessary fundamental skills training in a fun manner.

Registration for Tee Ball will open in December of 2018 and stay open until March 08, 2019. Teams will be formed after registration closes. We use our best efforts to organize teams by school but pending registration distribution, sometimes schools are split among two or more teams. Target team size is 7-8 players per team to provide more personal attention during practices and reps during games.

Tee Ball pre-season practices may begin as early as March 27th, 2019. Our regular season schedule with games will start after the LWSD Spring Break (April 17, 2018). There will be two one-hour "sessions" each week- practice on Wednesday evenings and games on Sunday afternoons. The program will continue into mid-June and be complete before LWSD school district lets out for the summer. As soon as we have our confirmed field assignments from the City of Kirkland and King County, we will be able to provide firm days and locations for events.

Players will use a 10" safety softball and hit off of a batting tee for the entire season. KNLL does not allow "coach pitch" or use catchers in Tee Ball. During games, all players will bat each inning and play in the field, rotating positions each inning.

If you are interested in managing or coaching your daughter's team, please contact to find out how to sign up!

If you would like to read more about what to expect as a Tee Ball parent, visit the Little League website here!