Softball FAQ's

"Indoor Baseball" was a variant of baseball invented in 1887. To accommodate playing indoors, a smaller infield diamond and a "softer" ball were used. One of its early nicknames was "ladies' baseball" as women participated in the sport. In the 1920's the game gained the moniker "softball" due to the softer balls used at that time. Given that Fastpitch Softball is an adaptation of Baseball, both games share many rules but also diverge in a number of crucial areas. There are a number of youth softball associations (Little League, ASA, NSA, PGF, USSSA), high school, collegiate, and professional leagues and each has their own variant rules as well.

This area is a resource for managers, coaches, umpires, and parents to gain a better understanding of how softball is different from baseball, clarify the more complex softball rules used in Little League, and provide insight into the operational process and policies used by Kirkland National to manage its Softball Program.


  • What is Fastpitch Softball?

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  • Year-round Softball Opportunities through KNLL and Little League
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