Updated 12/14/2018

League Rules

Baseball Division Rules- from the 2018 KNLL Local Rules Appendices

Softball Division Rules- Divisions A through Juniors have been updated for the 2019 Spring Season, with the exception of Coast (still waiting on Williamsport...).  If there are any rules updates, we will modify the document, update the date and version and repost them here as well as alert managers to such changes.

  • Tee Ball - Softball
  • A - in joint agreement with KALL
  • AAA - in joint agreement with KALL
  • Coast - in joint agreement with KALL, RWLL, and SVNLL
  • Majors - As per District 9
  • Junior - As per District 9

Majors and Juniors:  Please note that Kirkland National has it's own separate mandatory play rules within the Local Rules.  Managers are expected to follow these mandatory minimum play rules regardless as to how opponents may be managing their line-ups.  The rules in question are found in Appendices L and M and is quoted below:

Mandatory Play
KNLL encourages equitable playing time for all of its players. As such, regardless of any rules approved and published by District 9, the following mandatory play shall be in effect.

Every rostered player present at the start of a game will participate in the game for a minimum of nine (9) defensive outs and bat a least one (1) time. A minimum of three (3) of the nine (9) defensive outs must be played at an infield position.

No player may sit out for more than one (1) defensive inning until each player has sat out for at least one (1) inning. No player may sit out in excess of one (1) defensive inning more than any other player.