2024 Baseball All-Stars

Every year, Little League International concludes each Spring season (Baseball and Softball) with a series of post-season tournaments often referred to as All-Stars. This FAQ covers the most common questions regarding Kirkland National's involvement and process surrounding All-Stars.

What is All-Stars?

All-Stars is the colloquial term for Little League International's (LLI) series of post-season tournaments. The Little League World Series, which you may have seen televised on ESPN is one piece of the entire post-season tournament structure.

What is the post-season tournament structure?

Little League International supports many levels of post-season tournament play, each with its own age restrictions and often with different sets of playing rules. The following chart shows which All-Star levels KNLL is eligible to submit tournament teams and their respective tournaments supported by LLI:

District 9
Start Date
8-9-10 June 22 Torguson
9-10-11 July 6 Dodd
Majors June 29 Centennial

What is District 9?

District 9 (D9) is the Little League district into which the KNLL Charter reports. There are 13 total Charters in D9 (i.e. Bellevue West, Mercer Island, etc.) and each will field their own All- Star Teams to compete within the district tournament.

Does KNLL Participate in all All-Star levels every year?

KNLL must register and pay tournament fees for each team at each level. In March, KNLL reviews its player registration numbers and determines if there are enough players to form teams across the 3 All-Star levels. The Baseball Division historically registers for all three All-Star levels each year.

How does my child participate in All-Stars?

Each eligible player must submit an All-Star commitment form. Registration will open May 1st and will close on May 14th.

Eligible players must be within the age range of an All-Star level for which KNLL is registering a tournament team AND must have played at least 8 of their team's games during the regular season. Once they have submitted their form and it is confirmed by the Player Agent that they are eligible for All-Stars, they will be put into the selection pool.

Players shall be able to provide an ORIGINAL birth certificate to verify age.  No Copies, No exceptions.  Players will be required to provide 3 additional items of documentation or a School Enrollment Affidavit to verify residency after selection to team.  No exceptions.

Where do I get a commitment form?

The Commitment form is here: https://go.teamsnap.com/forms/428905

When are commitment forms due?

The commitment form must be completed by May 14th.

What is the commitment to All-Stars?

If a player is selected for All-Stars, they must commit to attend all practices (often held 5-7 days a week starting soon after City Championships, likely June 10th) and all tournament games throughout the entire tournament season for that All-Star level. Players are excused for illness, injury with a doctor's note, or funeral.

What does All-Stars cost?

KNLL does not charge an additional fee if your child is selected onto an All-Star team. However, while KNLL provides an All-Star jersey and hat for each All-Star team player, parents are responsible for acquiring the proper colored pants, socks, and belts such that all players have matching uniforms. In some cases, a player's regular season pants, socks, and belt may already be the proper color and no additional purchase is necessary.

State, Regional, and World Series tournaments are most often held in locations outside of our County. In such cases, parents are expected to pay for travel, food, and lodging for the player and family members that wish to attend the tournament.

Why doesn't KNLL hold try outs?

KNLL believes that the entire season is a try out and we assess a player's performance in real games against other top players across a season of games. We believe this to be a more accurate assessment than a 1 hour test in an artificial game setting where a child could have one off day remove them from consideration.

Who votes for All Stars?

The managers, coaches, and UIC of the appropriate aged League choose top players within that League based on a set of criteria. The process and criteria for selection are stated in detail within the KNLL Local Rules found on this website.

How are the All-Star team Manager and Coach selected?

Like players, eligible managers and coaches fill out a Manager and Coach Commitment form, sign it, and turn the form into their Division VP. Eligible managers and coaches are those who were entered into the KNLL league management system as one of the three coaches of record for a regular season team AND who have worked in their team's dugout for at least 60% of the regular season games.

When are All-Star player announcements?

Baseball All-Star announcements will be made at Big Finn Hill Park on May 18thth during Fan Fest.  The selections will also be posted at www.kirklandnational.com within 24 hours of the announcement.

Where do I find more information on the Player and Manager Selection process?

You will find all the details on our current selection process for Players, Manager and Coaches in the Kirkland National Little League Local Rules.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to send your questions to vp.baseball@kirklandnational.com