Baseball Tune-Up Clinic - TBD for 2021

All players registered to play in KNLL Baseball Divisions AAA, Coast, Majors, or Intermediates are invited to attend this Tune-Up Clinic and "knock off the rust" prior to our Upper Levels Evaluations.  This includes advanced 8 year old players registered for AA, but intending to evaluate to play in our AAA division.  This clinic will be a good opportunity for younger players who have never participated in the evaluation process to come and experience what to expect on evaluation day.

Please see below for the detailed schedule on when to arrive and what to bring.  Also, as a reminder, all players must be registered for the upcoming season prior to participating in this KNLL clinic and our evaluations.

Clinic Details:




We will have stations set-up for Catchers, Pitchers, Fielding Drills, and Hitting (both live pitching and tee work).

What to Wear and Bring:

  • Baseball Glove and Protective Cup!
  • Baseball Pants and/or Athletic Pants (e.g. sweats)
  • Tennis Shoes or Turf Shoes – facility is indoors with field turf
  • Batting gloves, if desired
  • Any additional BB equipment of their own, as desired

KNLL will have bats, helmets, and catcher’s gear available for players to use.