2024 Quick Ball Season (Formerly Tee Ball)

Introducing Quick Ball!

This year KNLL is making an exciting move from Tee Ball to Quick Ball. Designed for players of all ages, we are adapting co-ed entry level Quick Ball for our youngest players, ages 4-to-6.

Guided by EL1's Quick Ball program, which has been adapted across the United States and around the world, entry level Quick Ball is designed to provide a safe, fun, fast-moving introduction to the fundamentals of Baseball and Softball. Players learn the basic skills and positioning concepts, with constant action to keep them engaged.

Is Kirkland National Little League the correct little league for my child?

Little League is a community-based program, therefore, each little league operates within defined boundaries.  If your child resides or attends a school within the Kirkland National Little League boundary, then KNLL is the appropriate little league for enrollment.

To see if you are within the KNLL boundary, please input your home or school address into the Little League Finder found here: https://www.littleleague.org/LeagueFinder.htm

How do I register for Quick Ball?

Our 2024 Spring registration for KNLL opens on November 1, 2023.  Registration is completed online at https://www.kirklandnational.com/registration.  You will need to login to your existing, or create a new, TeamSnap account.  If you require additional instructions or assistance with registration, please email registrar@kirklandnational.com.

Quick Ball registration closes on March 22, 2024 then team rosters will be formed.  Soon after, you will be contacted by the Team Manager to inform you which team your child is playing on along with other key information.

You will receive an email invite to join your TeamSnap page.  KNLL utilizes this application to manage teams and schedules; you can access your Team's page through the TeamSnap website or by downloading the phone app (recommended).


I accidentally registered for the wrong league or division, what do I do?

Please contact the Registrar as soon as possible and well before the close of registration to discuss potential options - registrar@kirklandnational.com.

How long is the Quick Ball season?

April 17 – start of the season (first Wednesday after LWSD Spring Break)

June – last day of the season TBA

Note: there may be some additional (optional & group) pre-season practices starting in March.

Why does the Quick Ball season start later than some of the higher divisions?

The higher divisions (AAA & above) have mandatory game requirements that need to be fulfilled prior to the start of Little League playoffs.  Since we do not have playoffs in Quick Ball, we have the luxury of starting our season later.  Typically, our March weather in Washington is not very favorable to baseball and softball activities, so starting our season a little later (hopefully) reduces the likelihood of rain-outs.

What is the schedule like?

We are working to build a family friendly schedule, and teams will likely meet for one hour about twice a week at local elementary school fields, Big Finn Hill Park, or the Juanita Beach fields. Shorter, more active play time is one of the major benefits of Quick Ball for players at this age.

Please note: this schedule may require some slight adjustments depending on the following factors: field scheduling and availability, number of registrants and teams formed for Quick Ball.

How are teams formed?

In the lower divisions, KNLL tries to form teams by elementary school (during registration, pre-school aged children may specify the elementary they will attend in the coming years).

We need to distribute players to balance the team sizes, so there are no guarantees that your child will be placed on a team roster with kids entirely from their school.  When forming teams, we also take into consideration the grade levels and try to create balanced teams to avoid age (size) disparities between opposing teams.

Players enrolling in Quick Ball after the registration deadline will be placed on a team with the least amount of players to keep team sizes balanced; we cannot guarantee friend requests or placement with other players from their school after the initial team formation process has occurred.

Is Quick Ball Co-ed?

Yes! Quick Ball teams will comprise boys and girls playing together to learn the fundamentals.

Can I request that my child be placed on a specific team with a friend?

Yes, friend requests can be made in our lower divisions and KNLL will do our best to accommodate them.  You can make this request during the registration process.  If you have already registered and want to submit a request, notify the Registrar prior to the Quick Ball registration closing date - March 22, 2024 – registrar@kirklandnational.com.

How many players are on each team?

In Quick Ball, we are targeting team sizes of 7-8 players.  Small teams help keep the kids engaged because there are more opportunities to be engaged.

Can I volunteer as a Manager, Coach, or Volunteer?

KNLL is 100% run by volunteers – this includes Board Members, Umpires, Managers, Coaches, Scorekeepers, and more. We cannot successfully run the league without the help of our parents and other grown-ups – that’s you!

While we do not utilize Umpires or Scorekeepers in Quick Ball, we still encourage all parents to volunteer in some capacity at every level of play.  Extra parent volunteers in Quick Ball can help keep kids engaged and allow practices to be broken into smaller groups for more 1-on-1 training.  Furthermore, at least one approved parent volunteer is required to be in a dugout occupied by children at all times during games.  Typically, there are 3 other coaches who will likely be out of the field with the players.

Ultimately, the Team Manager (Head Coach) will be the one to decide on the number and capacity of the extra volunteers that will be utilized during each Quick Ball event, but having extra help available is always appreciated to coral these young players: keep them in the right batting order, help with equipment (bats, helmets, etc.).

No experience is necessary to volunteer, but you will not be allowed to help in any capacity unless you are registered and approved as a volunteer.  Register at https://www.kirklandnational.com/registration, and click the "Register to Volunteer" button to register yourself as a Manager, Coach, or Parent Volunteer.

Please visit this page to learn more about the importance of volunteers in Little League - https://www.kirklandnational.com/volunteers/

What is the difference between a Manager and Coach?

The Manager “takes ownership” of the team as the Head Coach.  They check-out and maintain the team's equipment,  lead the practices (plans) and manage the game-day line-ups (requires more involvement, specifically in the higher divisions).  Managers are also responsible for conducting correspondence with the league and disseminating information to the parents.  They are also the main point of contact for the league and are responsible for the flow-down of information to their team's parents.

Coaches support the managers by assisting with planning, drills in practice, in the dugout, and on-the-field during games.

In Quick Ball there are many additional opportunities to help the team by registering as a “Volunteer”.  As stated above, all volunteers need to be approved prior to participating in activities with the players.  Once approved, you may help during practices or in the dugout (when help is needed and/or requested by the Team Manager).


Quick Ball

Formerly known as Tee Ball!