Softball Evaluations – 2020 Spring Season

All players Little League Age 9 and above registered to play in KNLL Softball for the 2020 Spring Season must attend our player evaluation. This includes advanced 8-year old players wishing to evaluate up for Coast Division.  Little League Age for Softball is the age of the player back on December 31, 2019.

All players must be registered prior to participating in KNLL evaluations.

Evaluation Details:

Date:         Saturday – February 22nd

Location:  Lake Washington High School Softball Field – 12033 NE 80th St, Kirkland, WA 98033

Participants:  All girls registered for KNLL Softball Little League aged 9-12 regardless of the Division at which they are registered.

The goal is to have players evaluate with other players of their age group to help the Managers and Coaches make their assessments.  Please make your best efforts to show up at your designated time (on time) to help us conduct an efficient and effective evaluation process.


8:45 AM–   Pitchers and Catchers with at least 1 year of experience
9:30 AM –  11 and 12-year Old Players
10:15 AM –  9 and 10-year Old Players

What to Wear and Bring:

  • Softball Glove and Fielder’s Mask
  • Softball Pants (be prepared to slide!) and softball jersey or athletic Tee
  • Softball Cleats (molded rubber only) or Turf Shoes- Infield is turf, outfield is grass
  • Catchers should bring catcher’s gear if they have their own
  • Pitchers may bring someone to catch them for warm-ups as needed
  • Any additional SB equipment of their own, as desired (i.e. bat, batting helmet, batting gloves, etc.)

KNLL will have bats, helmets, and catcher’s gear available for players to use but players are typically more comfortable using their own.

What to Expect at the Evaluations:

  • Players check-in, attach a bib number, then take their gear to the designated dugout
  • Proceed to first evaluation station as directed
  • Rotate through each station (running, fielding, hitting, pitching, catching)
  • After completion of all stations, turn in bib, verify jersey size, then you are free to go!

For the Parents:

  • The players may be under a great deal of self-imposed pressure to perform – Please do not add to it!
  • Have your daughter dress for the weather forecast with layers
  • There are not bathrooms onsite. There are public bathrooms nearby but please plan accordingly.
  • Once you have completed warming up your daughter for pitching, please exit the evaluation area
  • Please do not coach or interfere with evaluations in any way.
  • Please help us maintain a safe environment by staying outside of the enclosed playing areas, including any of your children not participating in the evaluations.

What if my child is unavailable / sick / injured and cannot attend any of the evaluation sessions?

If you have a conflict with your scheduled time slot, come at whatever time works for you.
If you know that you cannot attend on February 22nd, please contact our Player Agent of Softball– Barbara Trulson,, to arrange an alternate date, time, and location for an evaluation before February 22nd.

**Please note that Little League Rules allow KNLL to rescind registration and refund a player’s fees for not attending an Evaluation at Coast or Majors.