Starting in with our Spring 2024 season, all upper division games will be scored in GameChanger instead of in paper books.

GameChanger providers an excellent interface for scorekeeping, and captures enough data to provide a real time, play by play accounting of the game in the app for family members who can't be in the stands that day!

If you are interested in being a scorekeeper

  1. Register as a volunteer
  2. Talk to your team's manager
  3. Visit the resources on this page to learn how to keep score in GameChanger

Important things to know

  1. GameChanger has a league mode which we are using, which means that when two KNLL teams play each other, only one team has to keep score, and both teams will be able to see the live play by play, stats, etc
  2. For KNLL vs KNLL games, the home team should keep score
  3. For interlock games (against a team in another league), the KNLL team needs to keep score in GameChanger even if they are not the home team. The home team can still be the official scorekeeper for the umpire, but we won't have a record of the game if the KNLL team doesn't run GameChanger also.
  4. We will use pitch counts from GameChanger to ensure we're following rest rules, please be sure to account for each pitch
  5. GameChanger work with video, and the league is supplying video kits for fields 1-3 this year!  You can supply your own camera for other fields if you like. See the Video page for more information.

Minimum requirements for scorekeeping

While capturing all of the details of the whole game is ideal, and leads to the best stats and play-by-play, there is a bare minimum level of scorekeeping we need to ensure we always meet to ensure proper records in the league.  Please strive to capture it all, but make sure we always at least record:

  1. The pitcher for both teams, including any pitching changes
  2. For baseball, each pitch must be recorded
    1. For AAA, do not count pitches if a coach pitches to a hitter to finish an at bat
  3. The score at the end of each inning
  4. The game must be marked as over when it is over

Thank you so much for keeping score for our games!

What to do if no one kept score in GameChanger

We really want to avoid this situation if at all possible, because entering in the data after the fact is tedious, but we understand it may happen sometimes. Here's what to do in that scenario:

  1. Open the game in question in GameChanger while logged in as a staff member of the team
  2. Tap Score Game
  3. Best Practice: tap Menu, then Send Message To Fans, and type something like: "This scorekeeping is going to skip most of the detail and just enter in the pitch counts and final score."
  4. What we're going to focus on entering is:
    1. Who pitched, how many pitches they threw, how many innings they pitched, and the final score
  5. Select the starting pitcher for the home team (the team in the field for the top of the 1st) by tapping on the pitcher position on the field
  6. If the pitcher got all 3 outs in this inning, record the first two outs now, if they only got 2 outs, only record one out now
    1. For each out you want to record for the pitcher now, tap pitch, select Batter Out: other
  7. Now that you're to the final out for that pitcher, tap Pitch then Foul Ball until you get to the right pitch count, then tap Batter Out: other
  8. You can switch the pitcher any time by tapping on the pitcher position
  9. Continue entering in the innings (just who was pitching, how many outs they recorded, and how many pitches they threw) until you have all the pitching accounted for
  10. To enter the final score:
    1. Tap Menu, then Manual Overrides, then type in the final score at the top, then tap Save
  11. Tap Game Over

GameChanger scorekeeping resources