Snack Shack: The Hub of Big Finn Hill Fields

The Snack Shack, located at the center of Big Finn Hill Fields 1-3, is the hub of the Kirkland National Little League community.

The Snack Shack is 100% volunteer-run, from the people who stock the shelves to those who serve fresh popcorn, weather-friendly drinks, and sweet treats to KNLL players, families, and fans.

At the shack we also honor KNLL players through our MVP program. MVPs are players who go above and beyond and are recognized by their team manager at the end of a game for showing sportsmanship, displaying on-field skills, and contributing to a positive experience for all. One player per game per team is awarded a ticket to bring to the shack and redeem for a pin, sticker, and one free item of their choice!

We strive to be open seven days a week. However, we cannot achieve this goal  without a large community of active volunteers.

We are always looking for more people who want to be part of our Snack Shack team. Volunteering in the shack is fun and rewarding.  Please consider joining us! If you are interested, please make sure you register as a KNLL volunteer this year and email