2022 Softball Super Stars

Kirkland American and Kirkland National Little Leagues plan to hold Super Stars games for both Divisions AAA and A again this year.

In broad strokes, each league will assemble it's own Super Stars team with equal representation of players and coaches from each of the Spring 2022 season at Divisions AAA and A. Teams may have up to two practices after June 1st and before the games on June 11th. KNLL is hosting this year at Big Finn Hill and the full schedule is listed below. For more detailed information, please review our Super Stars FAQ.

The goals of this program are:

1. Provide girls with the same championship opportunities as the boys
2. Raise awareness of softball within the Kirkland community
3. Raise awareness of post season play among softball families
4. Demonstrate to girls that competitive games can also be fun!

The last goal is perhaps the most important and can only be achieved if all coaches, umpires, and parents are on board to promote and support this effort. For guidance or inspiration, please go to the Positive Coaching Alliance website to learn more.

The schedule for June 11, 2022 is as follows:

AAA Super Stars

9:00 AM Warm-ups start
10:00 AM Equipment check
10:05 AM Team Introductions
10:15 AM National Anthem
10:25 AM Umpire Managers' Meeting players take the field
10:30 AM Game Starts
12:00 PM Game Ends and Awards Ceremony and pictures


A Super Stars

8:00 AM Warm-ups start
8:40 AM Team Introductions
8:45 AM National Anthem
8:55 AM Umpire Managers' Meeting players take the field
9:00 AM Game Starts
10:30 AM Game Ends and Awards Ceremony and pictures