Get in the Game and Make a Difference!

Kirkland National Little League baseball and softball games are umpired by volunteers – people like you and me who want to support our community. Each team is expected to provide 2 volunteer umpires for the season. Volunteer umpires are moms, dads, brothers, sisters, grandparents, and friends.

Kirkland National Little League provides training and support to volunteer umpires. This approach has proven successful with League umpires consistently selected to umpire District and State All-Star games. These experienced umpires will help new umpires successfully learn to umpire baseball and softball games.


Steven Kehrli, Umpire-in-Chief Baseball,

Stanley Bean, Umpire-in-Chief Softball,

Umpire Training

Training has finished for the 2022 Spring Season. The 2022 Rules Training covers the rules, scenarios, and umpire mechanics you need to get started. If you need help, email Steven and Stanley.


The league and district support an umpire mentor program. This is an opportunity to work with an experience umpire to help you during the game. Find a game in Arbiter. Or email Steven and Stanley for more information.


Arbiter ( is the umpire scheduling system. It allows you to self-assign the games you will umpire, including those with mentor opportunities. It also enables the league to view and ensure umpire coverage for all games.

A walkthrough video is available here:

Junior Umpire Program

The League supports teenage young men and women who wish to volunteer as Little League umpires. Email for more information.

Umpire Gear and Reimbursement Program

The League provides each volunteer umpire with their own umpire polo and hat and navy polo. The League also has shared chest protectors, shin guards, masks, baseball running violation flags, indicators, plate brushes, and ball bags.

If you wish to purchase your own gear, the League offers umpire gear reimbursement to volunteer umpires. Email for more information.