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March 5, 6, 7 - Umpire Training has been canceled!

The Umpire-in-Chief (UICs) from RWLL, RNLL, KALL & KNLL are discussing future training session for Umpires.  Please continue to monitor this web page for further updates.


Get in the Game and Make a Difference

Kirkland National Little League baseball and softball games are umpired by volunteers – people like you and me who want to support the community, our kids and neighbors, and a non-profit program.  Each team is expected to provide 1 or 2 volunteer umpires throughout the season.  Volunteer umpires are moms, dads, brothers, sisters, grandparents, and friends.

Kirkland National Little League provides pre-season training and ongoing education to volunteer umpires.  This approach has proven successful, with League umpires consistently selected to umpire District and State all-star games.  These umpires will help beginning umpires be successful learning to umpire baseball and softball games.

Beginner Umpire Training: 60-foot Baseball and Softball

For the 2020 Spring Season we have a new format for umpire training.  The goals are twofold: help new umpires learn what they need to know for AA / AAA baseball or AAA / Coast softball; and help returning umpires learn more advanced skills to umpire Coast / Majors baseball and Majors softball.  All volunteer umpires should attend 1 classroom training session and 1 field training session.  Returning umpires should attend the classroom and field training for experienced umpires.  Training sessions for the 2020 Spring Season are as follows:

Classroom #1 (new umpires).  Thursday, March 5, 6:30pm-8:00pm at Redmond Community Center at Marymoor Village (near the north entrance of Marymoor Park), Room 204 (upstairs to the right).

Classroom #2 (returning umpires).  Friday, March 6, 6:30pm-8:45pm, at Lake Washington School District Resource Center (Redmond Town Center), Board Room

Download the classroom training deck (PDF file) at the bottom of this page.

Slides will be shared so that you know the basics of umpiring baseball and softball games for 8-11 year olds.  Plan to take notes and ask questions during the classroom session.  This session is being run by head umpires for Kirkland National, Kirkland American, Redmond West, and Redmond North Little Leagues.

Field training #1 (new umpires).  Saturday March 7, 10:00am-12:00pm at Basecamp Sports Performance Club.  Setup begins at 9:30am so we start on time.

Field training #2 (returning umpires).  Saturday March 7, 1:30pm-4:30pm at Basecamp Sports Performance Club. Setup begins at 1:15pm so we start on time.

For field training, dress warm, stretch and bring water.  Bring your umpire mask, umpire hat and indicator if you have one. If you don't have this equipment, we’ll provide them to you. During this training, you’ll learn where to be on the field to make calls as bases umpire and home plate umpire.  This session is being run by head umpires for Kirkland National, Kirkland American, Redmond West, and Redmond North Little Leagues, with assistance from other experienced, volunteer umpires.

Registration for the above training session is here:

Advanced Umpire Training

For returning umpires with more than 30 games experience, and those newer who want to learn and practice more advanced mechanics.  District 9 umpire staff hasn't posted their 2020 training dates yet.

  • See the Washington District 9 Umpire website here.
  • Western Region Outreach Umpire Clinic is March 7-8, 2020, in Seattle.  See the flyer here. And registration here.  Kirkland National will reimburse the registration fee for those who wish to attend.

Washington District 9 Umpire home page is here.  You’ll find training dates and materials, rules, links to equipment suppliers, D9 umpire staff.

Junior Umpire Program

Teenage young men and women can fulfill their community service credits by being a volunteer Little League umpire for softball and baseball games.

Why? Help the community; help the team of your younger brother or sister; help your neighbor’s team.


  • Complete and submit a Kirkland National Little League volunteer registration here.
  • Email Steven Kehrli, Umpire-in-Chief,
  • Attend pre-season classroom and field training.
  • Internet access to use the ArbiterSports scheduling system to book games to umpire.
  • Must umpire with an adult.

Umpire Field Mechanics Diagram Self-paced training website with graphics and instructional videos for new and beginning Little League volunteer umpires. Read about little league baseball rules and umpire mechanics in more common language than you’ll find in the official rules book (aka, green book). The author, Nick G, umpires little league in WA state.

Umpire Gear and Reimbursement Program

The League provides each volunteer umpire with their own hat and navy polo.  The League also has shared shin guards, chest protectors, masks, baseball runner flag, a plate brush, a ball bag and indicators that can be used during games and returned after games.

Official uniform is gray slacks, a red shirt for under the navy polo, and wear shows.  A belt is needed for the home plate umpires' ball bag.

If you wish to purchase your own gear, the League offers umpire gear incentives to volunteer umpires.  Email Steven Kehrli, Umpire-in-Chief, for more information.

Recommended vendors are:

Risan Athletics [ Kirkland/Redmond border; ]

  • Get pants, leather belt, red undershirt and protective cup.

Shop online at Umpire Attire or Honig’s:

  • Good for field shoes (black, low rise) and plate shoes (black).
  • Good for socks, Under-Armor shirts (wear under the umpire shirt), umpire jackets and other umpire gear.

New to Baseball and Softball?

Many parents who are new to baseball and softball have learned the game and umpired games.  Here are some useful resources to learn the game.

Baseball Rules Whiteboard Video: Watch this YouTube video here of a European explain the rules of the professional game of baseball.  It’s not specific to Little League, but it’s an entertaining introduction to the game.

Baseball player positions explained:  Watch this YouTube video here to learn the player positions for baseball and softball.  This video is specific to professional baseball so not all details (like designated hitter, substations) are applicable to Little League Baseball.

Example inning (part one of two): Watch this YouTube video here of a gentleman explaining how an inning of baseball or softball could progress.

2015 Little League World Series highlights:  Watch this YouTube video.  The best little league baseball teams from the U.S. and outside the U.S. make it here.  Only the best volunteer umpires work these games.  Watch what they do before and after batted balls.

How to play baseball:  Watch this YouTube video here.

Training Locations

Lake Washington School Dist. Resource Ctr. (LWSDRC) at  Redmond Town Center: 16250 NE 74th St., Redmond, WA 98052

Basecamp Sports Performance Club: 210 8th St S., Kirkland, WA 98033

Redmond Community Center at Marymoor Village: 6505 176th Ave NE, Redmond, WA 98052


New Umpire Classroom Training 2020

Returning Umpire Classroom Training 2020