Game Video

Kirkland National is excited to announce that we are providing video streaming kits for Big Finn Hill fields 1-3 starting in the Spring 2024 season!

The video stream and recording will only be available to the family members who are registered as fans of one of the teams in GameChanger.

What to expect

  1. Now that we are using GameChanger for scorekeeping, we are able to offer live and recorded video as well.
  2. The league is supplying video kits for fields 1-3, available whenever the snack shack is open
  3. Teams are welcome to stream from their own devices if they prefer, or are playing on a different field - see the instructions below.
  4. Due to a current GameChanger limitation, only one of the teams will have access to the video, unless a second camera is set up. GameChanger is working on support for the single video feed going to both teams, just like the scorekeeping is shared for both teams since we are using league mode.

How to get and use a camera kit

  1. For any game on fields 1-3, if the snack shack is open, you're welcome to use one of our league supplied camera kits
  2. The manager, a coach, or the scorekeeper should check out the kit from the snack shack well ahead of the game starting
    1. The adult checking out the kit will need to supply:
      1. Their name
      2. Their team
      3. Which field they will be using it on
      4. Provide a signature
      5. Leave some collateral with the snack shack, such as car keys (so you can't forget to return the kit)
    2. This is a good time to pick up your MVP ticket as well
  3. The kit includes everything you need, with laminated instructions right there on the kit to walk you through setting it up
  4. After the game, return the kit to the snack shack, sign it back in, and retrieve your collateral
  5. Thanks for your cooperation with this program, which enables us to provide these high quality kits to our league!

Making video available to both teams

GameChanger has a current limitation where the video only goes to one of the teams, even though the scorekeeping (play by play, recap, announcer, stats, etc) is shared with both teams even though only one team keeps score. We are working with GameChanger to enable sharing of the video feed as well, and they tell us their engineers are working on it. We don't know when the feature will become available, but we have a workaround in the meantime.

For both teams to see video, a second camera can be set up to stream a separate video feed for the other team (the one that isn't score keeping).  See the instructions below for details.

Using your own camera or phone to stream video

If a camera kit isn't available (the snack shack is closed, you're not on field 1-3), or you want a second camera so both teams can watch the video, you can use your own phone and/or camera to stream the game.

  1. Attach your phone or camera to the backstop using any fence mount you prefer, there are many options available online
  2. Open GameChanger on your phone, tap on the game, then tap Go Live - then pick "This device" or "External Camera" and follow the instructions

How to get help

Please contact if you need any help.