All-Star Qualifications and Selection

It is easy for league participants (players, parents, volunteers) to lose sight of Little League’s goals of developing future community members through Baseball and Softball and focus instead on All-Star tournaments. To that end, we have developed this page for Managers and Coaches to easily find the information that they need.

KNLL believes All-Star selection as a manager or coach is a…

  • Reward for one’s hard work during the season and being a role model of our league’s coaching philosophy
  • Reflection of peer recognition for one’s outstanding development of players, knowledge of the game, and being a role model for other managers and coaches

May 1, the Program VP’s will send out a form to all managers and coaches eligible for All-Star selection (one manager and two coaches officially assigned to a team within Bonzi). Managers and coaches will have a deadline within which to express their interest and availability to work with All-Stars.

Eligible Managers and Coaches are those that:

  • Passed a background check
  • Can verify Safety Training within the last 3 years
  • Attended Manager/Coach Training this year (signature)
  • Are assigned within Bonzi as one of the three regular season managers and coaches
  • Worked in their team’s dugout at least 60% of regular season games
  • Meet all Little League Tournament eligibility requirements
  • Are in good standing with KNLL

We would appreciate a response from all managers and coaches by the deadline even if you’re answer is “not interested”.