2021 Softball All-Star Tournament Dates

The table below shows the tournament dates for each All-Star Division by round.

Division District 9* States* West Region*** World Series
8/9/10 Jun 28- Jul 3 Jul 10-16  N/A N/A
9/10/11 Jun 28- Jul 3 Jul 10-16 N/A N/A
Majors Jun 19-24 Jul 3-10 Jul 24-30 Aug 11-18
Juniors Jun 19-24** Jul 5-12 Jul 21-29 Aug 1-7


*End dates are approximate and not finalized until leagues submit their teams for bracket creation

**The winner of the District 9 (D9) Junior Softball Tournament usually receives an automatic berth as the host team in the Junior Softball World Series, held in Kirkland, WA. The first runner-up proceeds to States and beyond. In theory, there could be two D9 teams in the Junior Softball World Series.

*** Players to arrive 2 days prior to the start of the West Region Championships and the World Series.